We offer:
Private home wildfire risk assessments,
Mitigation of hazardous fuels,
Fencing and privacy screening,
Community wildfire risk assessments and CWPPs.

We serve individuals and communities in the Wildland Urban Interface in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

What is a Home Risk Assessment?
A home risk assessment is a property tour and inventory with a qualified mitigation specialist. This assessment identifies factors that may need to be modified to reduce wildfire risk. Private home wildfire risk assessments can be done in person, following Covid-19 safety protocols or can be conducted virtually. The process takes approximately one hour of on site or virtual evaluation looking at building construction, landscaping and surrounding fuels. This includes looking for any “chinks in the armor” of the main house, outbuildings, vegetation and anything flammable in the “Home Ignition Zone.” The certified mitigation specialist provides the property owner with a written assessment and mitigation recommendations.

Why get a Home Risk Assessment?
The danger of wildfire is our predominant risk here in the southwestern US, especially within areas of Wildland Urban Interface. While other parts of the country deal with tornados, earthquakes and other climate risks, most of which have limited mitigation options, there are measures we can take to make our homes and properties more resilient to fire. Getting a Home Risk Assessment and pursuing follow-up mitigation recommendations are at the top of the list.

Insurance companies examine risks and conditions of private properties to determine eligibility and insurance rates. To continue insurance coverage, some companies require wildfire mitigation. A Wildfire Risk Assessment can get you ahead of possible lapse of your homeowners insurance, which could compromise a mortgage.

What Is Wildfire Mitigation?
Wildfire has been a natural process for thousands of years. Actually, wildfire has no menacing agenda but does the essential work of balancing the ecosystem. In just a flick of time, humans moved onto the landscape with permanent habitation. Now our job is to adapt to this natural phenomenon with fuel mitigation, making our buildings resistant to flame impingement and embers. We reduce available fuels near the structures with chainsaws and weed whackers, as well as clean gutters and rake leaves.

What about maintaining Visual Privacy?
Fuel mitigation is needed, but for some homeowners, fuel reduction can also feel like a reduction of visual privacy. At Wildfire Fit we understand that privacy is important. We are committed to finding solutions to maintain that privacy, either with selective fuel removal or other forms of privacy screens such as fencing or walls.

Wildfire Mitigation builds fire resilient communities.